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Tell us about your experience at YXL Glorieta

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October 29, 2008

If you’ve been to YXL Glorieta, please tell us about your experience! What would you say to someone who is considering coming to the conference?

“Before going to YXL I didn’t feel like I had any deep friendships. Everything was on the surface. But I was able to meet a lot of really cool people at YXL. I was finally able to open up and just be me and let people see who I am.

If I knew someone who was wanting to go I would definitely tell them to go. The teaching was exactly what I needed to hear, the people were great, and I got some time alone with God. Everything was really good.”

Patrick Wood

“I think the main thing that I always tell people when I talk about PYA/YXL is that it is TRULY a life changing experience. Every year I go back home with a completely different outlook on life,God, and my personal faith.

PYA/YXL has played a huge part in shaping me into who I am today and has helped me overcome some really big obstacles in my faith. I go home and start anxiously awaiting what God has planned for PYA/YXL the next year, knowing that it will be a time of growth and learning no matter what!”

Ashley Haynes

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David attended YXL first as a student (from Christ Pres in Tulsa) back in the 80s, then as a counselor, then he joined the board of directors, and now he's part of the planning team for YXL Horn Creek. David is an elder at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he lives with his wife Tish and their children Rachel and Joshua. David is the founder and president of NewCity, an interactive agency based in Blacksburg.


on Tell us about your experience at YXL Glorieta.
  1. Kristen Isaac

    YXL is amazing. There is no other way to describe it. I have made very close friends, had the neatest discussions with people, grown a lot spiritually, and learned how to be a better leader all in one short week. It really is a taste of heaven, and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

  2. Seth Johnson

    PYA gave me a deeper understanding of the love and magnificence of God. It lit the fire in my soul to be a tool of God. The speakers and seminars were amazing. The PYA experience is indescribable

  3. Ashley Huber

    YXL is, hands down, the most amazing experience a young person like myself can enjoy. There is not one moment of this gathering that is not centered around God…even free time, my mind was on Him. Camp truly helps one to see the amazing things that God does for one, and really shows that he is there, and he does care. I made some amazing friendships, the music was amazing, and the prayers were so emotional. YXL really, truly, is the closest to Heaven one can get on earth =]

  4. Elizabeth Hock

    yxl has brought me closer to God in a way I never thought possible at my age or with others, the music, the challenges, prayer, and the speakers,.. just everything. It really digs below the surface not to mention some of the best friendships ever were made… and for me, the love of a lifetime.

  5. Eric JM Jensen Jr.

    I’ve been to YXL Glorieta twice so far, and both times have been Life Changing. It literally felt like home away from home. It seemed to me like it was a family gathering. Sher, the week may have been emotional and crazy, but it… felt… um… how can I put this… I know it was ether gooood or B-E-A-utiful (from Bruce all mighty). Like Patrick Wood said above, That’s egg-xactly how I felt before going to YXL for the first time. there is a whole lot more I could say,but that what I have.

  6. Trent Johnson

    Ive been to yxl 3 times so far and how can i put this but um… I LOVE IT!!!! YXL is my second home. The time spent with brothers and sisters in Christ up there is priceless and worth more than any material item. YXL is definetly an emotional week but that is what makes it so special, the fact that you get to share and let out your emotions with the most amazing people. So to sum it all up YXL is amazing!!!

  7. Kate Mathurin

    well this last year was my first year at yxl…and well it was life changing. I don’t think I’ve every been closer to God. The week of camp is the most amazing experience ever. It is so emotional, but honestly that is what gets people closer to themselves and to the relationship that they want with Christ. The people there are the most understanding and accepting people ever. The YXL group is my family. <3 I can't wait for camp!!!

  8. |

    34 days til YXL 2011! just saying!
    Yxl was, and will continue to be, the biggest life changing experience in my life. I honestly cannot wait to go back another 3 years! Its a place that brings you not only closer to God, but closer to other christian friends. Its a place where you learn your strengths and weaknesses, but above all you learn that you’re not alone… That there are other people who have felt your pain, who have committed the same “sins” (if you will). And it’s the closest place to heaven you’ll get in your life time <3

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