YXL West | Highlight Video from YXL Glorieta 2009

Highlight Video from YXL Glorieta 2009

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July 26, 2009

Watch Melissa Thomas’ fantastic highlight video from YXL Glorieta 2009:



David attended YXL first as a student (from Christ Pres in Tulsa) back in the 80s, then as a counselor, then he joined the board of directors, and now he's part of the planning team for YXL Horn Creek. David is an elder at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he lives with his wife Tish and their children Rachel and Joshua. David is the founder and president of NewCity, an interactive agency based in Blacksburg.

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on Highlight Video from YXL Glorieta 2009.
  1. Elisabeth Carden

    That was really awesome! Thank you. Hope to see you next year.

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