We realize there are a LOT of forms, but they are all required to comply with state and federal laws. If any of this is confusing please don’t hesitate to contact our registrar Chris Anderson.

Student Health and Immunization Forms

Some of the student health forms require signatures that cannot be obtained through an online doc-signing system.  Download, complete, SCAN (no photos), and upload these forms using this link. If you don’t have access to a scanner, you can use a scanning app for your phone. You may submit all the forms at the same time, but they also may be uploaded separately if needed.

The first two forms are good for 2 years, so forms signed and dated in 2022 are valid for 2023. If you completed these forms last year, you may upload last year’s form.

For Students with Inhaler or Epi-Pen:

Other Health, Indemnification & Release Forms

All other forms will be sent to you via the Adobe document signing system after you register.  Please be sure to complete them as promptly as possible.

Submit Forms by June 30th

Silver Cliff Ranch requires that we have all forms in hand upon arrival at camp.  Silver Cliff Ranch also reserves the right to prevent a minor from participating in certain activities if their paperwork is incomplete.  Therefore, BEGIN THIS PROCESS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  To ensure that we have YOUR student’s forms processed and in place, all forms must be received by June 30.