Three of our students from YXL Horn Creek 2015 talk about their experience at YXL and why they keep coming back.

Thanks to Sam Pepke for his excellent videography and editing work!


  • Ethan J., From Friday night at YXL 2015
    Let me just say, this week has been both the hardest week and the most beautiful week of my life. And this is the truth. I love every one of you dearly. Many of you know that I began YXL as an agnostic, I said "I can't be sure of this Christianity thing, this Bible, I mean, there are other religions that teach self-control, right? What could be so special about it?" But God had put me around other believers and I was often prompted to give a prayer request, and that request would typically be for faith, because what use is it praying for anything else if I have no faith? Of those who prayed, many of them are in this room – from my church, from here, and I want to say after YXL 2014, God answered that prayer. This week started out really tough. I was super emotional, I was beating myself up over things I did wrong, and I was telling myself things like "How can you be a believer? You act worse than you did before!" But, rather providentially, the Word spoken here reached out directly to me, and it.. it changed me... in a way that I can't describe. Thank you all.

    A prayer for faith
  • Ethan W, from Friday night at YXL 2015
    It's just amazing how God uses this place to target whatever part of my life or my faith I've been struggling with, and for some reason the message here is always relevant to my walk.

    God uses YXL to target my struggles
  • Lizzie
    So, sad news  I won't be going to YXL this year. Instead, I'll be going on a missions trip to Belize with a few others from my church. I'm really excited, but since this summer would have been my last year to go, it makes it pretty hard to decide not to. However, this past summer was mind blowing. It was so incredible, and a great place to end my YXL experience. The theme was what made it such a perfect way to end: I'm going to continue my race, even though I'm not going to YXL, and will run, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of my faith, for strength and courage as I embark on the next phase of my race, which includes this mission's trip. Although I am going to miss you all and the YXL experience so much, I will be praying that God will speak to each and every one of you this summer, and I ask that you all will pray for me and the others from my church as well. Love y'all.

    The race continues